“For five years I didn’t buy a white shirt. I yearned for the style but filled my closet with dark grey and black. One day I said enough is enough. My little guy was only 14 months old and I knew my shirt would likely get wrecked the first time I wore it. But I decided that I was going to embrace the stains and turn them into art. Garments can be made to last and can be reinvented with each stain.” — Ashley, Founder of Ardent Collection

Organic Cotton Shirt Natural White

With sustainability at the forefront we strive to create a brand of items that you can wear and love without reserve. You no longer have to worry about staining your favorite shirt with sticky toddler fingers. Pick that baby up and carry on.

Ardent is a closed loop system designed to keep your clothes in circulation longer and out of the landfills. An absurd amount of clothing is dumped into the landfills each year - approximately 85% of donated clothing ends up in the garbage. With Ardent you can wear your clothes, live your life without worry, and trade in stained items. As a mom it’s hard to avoid stains, but Ardent turns each blemish into a work of art, therefore, keeping the clothing in circulation and creating a beautiful one of a kind tie dye shirt or sweatshirt. All of the dyes are made from plant based items - avocado scraps are a favorite. These dyes are earth friendly, use way less water than traditional, synthetic dyes, and free of harmful toxins. The proceeds of dyed worn wear are donated to a specific charity organization each year. Ardent was made to empower you to wear what you want. Wear white or a light color and enjoy it while it lasts, then trade it in for a new one or pick a unique plant based dyed item. Motherhood is complicated. Your clothing doesn’t have to be. You can be eco friendly and fashionable at the same time. And Ardent makes that responsibility easy. The earth needs us to take of it and our kids need to learn how to grow and nurture their home. When you shop with Ardent you are supporting:

small business

woman owned company

sustainable organic cotton

ethically made in the USA

a tree planted for every order

plastic free packaging

carbon neutral shipping

earth friendly plant based dyes

handmade, homemade one of a kind pieces

a closed loop system